Monday, May 7, 2012

Natural Hair...Moisture Remedy

So I noticed that a lot of my friends who are natural come to a stop in the road with their hair and can't seem to keep it moisturized. I myself just a few weeks ago too struggled with this. To be honest my busy schedule and being too tired at night to keep up with my nightly routine and is what caused me to loose moisture in my hair. Now that it's getting warm again, I need to more than ever get back into the swing of things so this TEXAS HEAT don't dry out my hair.

I knew what to do for my hair just wasn't doing this as aften as I should, but here is a great way to restore moisture in your hair overnight.

First I would take my spray bottle, which is filled with water and little olive oil and I know some of you may think oil and water don't mix. But I have discovered that when I place my bottle in the microwave for a few seconds and then shake the bottle the two blend well and does great for my hair. You don't have to use olive oil, you can use any oil that you like and what suits your hair needs. I have heard some people state that their hair reacts differently to certain oils. So give your hair what it likes! You will know because it will look healthy. So I take the bottle and spray my hair down until its nice and damp.

Next I take my wide tooth comb and section my hair off into four large sections. I use my demi brush and gently detangle my hair. To make sure my hair is detangled to my liking I take my wide tooth comb again and comb through my hair. If my comb can go straight through without any tugs or pulls then its detangled enough for me.

You can find this in most hair stores. I find any brand works
as long as it 100% natural!
I find this at Dollar General
 for about $3.00
When my hair is really dry I know it's time to put my raw shea butter to work. I get a small glass bowl and take out about a tablespoon or two and place in the bowl. I take about a tablespoon of vitamin E oil and place it in the bowl. I place the bowl in the microwave for about 20 seconds to let the shea butter soften. Once soft enough to mix, I mix the two until it's nice and creamy. At this point if my hair dampness has dried up some,  I take my spray bottle and give my hair a light mist.

Section by section I take some of the shea mixture and rub it into my hair and give my ends a little extra, because we all know how the ends can dry out quicker. To help the moisture really set into each strand of my hair, I perform twists on my hair. You can twist your hair to the size of your liking. I like to do medium twists because the results when I take them down looks better for my hair styling.

Once my hair is twisted all over I take my silk cap and place it over my hair. Sleeping in a silk cap is another key element in helping restore moisture in your hair as well. The following morning I take some oil into the palm of my hand and rub it through all the twists and then take them down one by one. This night time remedy I consider to be my deep moisturized therapy. This is something I don't do every night and it works best for me when I first wash my hair that week. This is a good process to follow at the beginning of the week. Through out the week I use my Cantu Coconut Curling Cream at night on my hair and just retwist. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask. I don't mind sharing my remedies, because what works for me might just work for you!

Happy Natural Journey...


  1. We should all make a pact to not neglect our hair... I mean we don't neglect our foods or jobs... I'm going to be better about keeping moisturized.... I don't loose alot of hair maybe 10 strands at the most but that is a big difference from 0 when I was moisturizing everyday...

  2. Kira you are so right! Our hair needs to be just important as anything else to take on in life! I am with you on that NO MORE NEGLECT!!!