Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girlfriend talk...

Something was brought up today at church and it's been on my mind ALL DAY LONG...
It was said something to the sort that a women needs to have friends so they can decompress their feelings, so that it's not build up inside and then later lashed out onto their spouses. Well I can understand that completely, but here is my problem that I have had in the past with that.

Girlfriend Picture (
When I go to my friends in the past I want to talk about something that I may be dealing with my husband at the time. My friends tend to take it as my husband is this horrible person, they began bashing him and think that I am in the worst marriage ever. And depending on what the matter may be I become sucked into what they are saying and start thinking okay maybe I am in the worst marriage ever.

This is what I am learning...MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK AND NO MARRIAGE IS PERFECT! But why does it seem when you are talking to other people about problems that may occur, they see it as you are in the worst marriage ever. Then when I am around other people, I never here them say anything or have any negative thoughts about their spouse, so I always wonder that maybe their marriage is perfect and mine isn't. That is why I try to keep myself from to talking to friends about my problems, because I don't want to get look at as the ONE IN A BAD MARRIAGE! But after today what I learned from Sunday school, I am realizing that I do need the female friend that I can talk to. Cause lately I just give my husband the silent treatment and wait for things to blow over, but the problem really never goes away because the mix emotions are still inside.

In my mind I would like to be able to talk to someone and they understand what I am going through and not look at me like my life is miserable. I would even be willing to listen to helpful advice. The person I talk needs to understand that I love my husband with all my heart, but it doesn't justify that he can get on my nerves sometimes. This doesn't make him the worst husband in the world and doesn't give them the right to bash him either. So can I really talk to someone??? Or has friends in the past scarred me for life!

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