Sunday, April 1, 2012

Enjoying the first day of April...

It's April 1st! I always felt like when I was growing up that April was the start of spring. I know there is a date set for that, but there is nothing like walking outside on the first day of April and embracing the day! I know my sons are glad that we are finally seeing some beautiful weather. Beautiful weather bring outside playing. Last year I decided I was going to build my sons a tire swing. I had visioned a tire swing would be easy and fun to make, boy was I wrong.

Technically back in the day you would get a rope and tie it on the tire and throw it up in a tree and there you have it! Ummm...guess if you want the tire swing to withhold the strength and play of children you have to get a little advance these days. Now to build one you need chain, bolts, nuts, swivel and a drill. And if you know anything about those things, they are not cheap! It was about an $30.00 investment and now that I see my sons playing on it with smiles on their faces, it was worth every dime.

Spring is the time to get outside and enjoy days like this one with your children. I'm looking forward to many beautiful days to come and I am already planning on what to do to get my sons in the mood for spring fun! And I am definitely looking forward to baseball, I really enjoy seeing them play out in the field and really embracing the spring weather. For instance, pulling weeds while they patiently wait for a ball to be hit their way or filling their hats with beautiful red sand and then dumping it on their heads. Gotta love it! Seems like April puts me in such a good mood! Enjoy the rest of this day and month!

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