Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Special...

My Mother in her teens!
Today is April 13, 2012. You may think what is so special about this day other than that it's Friday the 13th! (Yeah I know the day of bad luck). But I am not going to go there today, I am going to shine a new light on what today means to me. Today is my mother's birthday. April 13, 1960 my grandma was home alone when she couldn't stop the birth of her 2nd child coming into the world. Being home alone and no time to get help my grandma let her motherly instincts kicked in and gave birth to my mother Bonnie! My great grandmother came into the house and there she was the new addition to the family. My mother would tell me stories of her child hood and some of the stories would make you wish you were there to experience it.

My Mother at 50! Beautiful!
Though she may grew up not having a whole lot, she always told me she wouldn't change a thing. Having how loving my grandparents were I know for a fact that she feels every moment was worthwhile. The love and respect that my mother was given by her parents she passed on to me. That is why I am so thankful to have her as my mother and when this day comes around I want to shout from the rooftop, IT'S MY MOTHER BIRTHDAY!!!

My Mother and My Sons
As my mother gets older she embraces her life and live each day to the fullest. She doesn't hold back and presses forward with each day with strength and courage. We are miles apart so on this day I try my best to call and talk to my mother as much as I can through out the day. I also buys some things and send her a package in the mail (Yeah, she is spoiled). She loves getting gifts and I love giving them to her. My mother has a great impact on my sons and they adore her so much. She gives them the love that grandparent should. Last night at dinner my oldest son told me that next to Jesus she is his favorite person. Now that is love!

So I am going to celebrate this day, as another year that I am blessed with a great mother!

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  1. Happy Birthday, to your mom, Shel! You look so much like her! :)